Beads shop Italy offers unique glass creation by artistic intuitions of Rankoussi & various choice of blown glass, wood, bone and resin beads.
All our products are hand crafts.
We make different kinds of Bijoux, earrings, bracelets, necklaces .
We have everything you need to make bijoux: multicoloured cotton and leather threads, wires, finding, metal beads.
We have also a sector for blown glass, vases, appliques, decorated Christmas balls and cups.You can send us an Email or ordering directly from our websites.

In the workshop located in Sora Street  30 \ 31 in Rome Italy , Rankoussi Mazen master glass-maker works with lamp-work glass Technical Original derived from long experience staff in the field and in his creations Rankoussi merges two sensitivities  and two schools crafts of high Tradition:the old Syrian style  and the modern, which originates from experience of the masters of Murano and assumes numerous interpretations .

Heir to the tradition Middle East, Rankoussi gives rise to a production refined and elegant through contamination of techniques, with assorted colors and very special for the meticulous execution of the pearls and millimeter accuracy decorations. Blown, satin, opaque or transparent, the Rankoussi’s beads represent a single work, unmistakable style and charm .

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday from 9:30 until 19:30
Friday : 9:30 until 13.00 . then 15:00 until 19:30
Saturday ; 9:30 until 19:30
Sunday : just with appointment .



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